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What’s CCM : It is an innovative product to answer the need of hour. The Indian market has been undergoing with a scarcity of a structured curriculum around Computer Graphics training.

As per the existing trends the animation and e-Learning industries are growing by an average of 55% growth rate – globally. Whereas India is emerging as a favorite for the outsource work.

CCM is a highly standard course that covers not only software but also sensitivity around aesthetic values and management around handling creative projects.

The Value of total Indian Market : The data existing today promise a huge market around structured training in creative domain. However, our filtered and realistic survey does not comment less than USD 4 million worth market in the current financial year – if market is explored with significantly gentle steps.

Unique preposition of MMV : CCM makes MMV special and unique in view of its existing competitors:

  • It has a potential to become a cash cow for the organization
  • Opens up a funnel of good resource, available all the time, for the organization
  • MMV’s unique profile of being the first Edutainment organization in India, which has expertise in Visual Communication instead of Animation or e-Learning. CCM serves all the industries that require technocrats e.g. Animation, e-Learning, Publishing and Advertising & Films
  • No training program values the importance of management skills for a creative person, whereas such skills are expected to have possessed by a creative person. Hence our program has potential to serve the global market too by producing globally accepted technocrats
  • Looking at the present gap MMV has an opportunity to be a leader in the Indian market, if asserts early
  • Looking at a relatively large LOBs (Line of Businesses) in the organization e.g. e-Learning production, animation production and home production; CCM could help the organization have nice talents always available at its disposal on a very cost effective price
  • No existing course, offered by present players, extends opportunity of working on live projects for the students. Whereas, CCM is designed to let the students work on live projects for 3 months